Lyricist of the year 2010

So it's that time to really take a look at what people are saying in their rhymes for 2010. I know I'm going to get flack because these are going to be mostly mainstream types of artists but it is what it is ok. This is the one area where I feel you can excel as a rapper without actually having an album, and where I could possibly consider a mix tape for judging.

6. Rick Ross- I don't normally have a 6th entry but i have  a friend who is going to cryif he feels I fail to acknowledge Ross in some way lol. Truthfully, Ross has a flow and he can be very descriptive which I like, but his lack of variety is the one thing that kills him for me. If it ain't about money, hoes, and clothes it ain't gonna be in a Ross verse and that's what's sad.

5. Pusha T- Pretty much the same follows for Pusha though he does manage to put more responsibility in his raps and show a slightly more well-rounded picture than Ross which is what made me really take notice and enjoy the Clipse' last album. Various features and a move to get with Good music have just solidified Push's position.

4. Royce da 5'9- Slightly overlooked in Slaughterhouse, Royce has stepped up his bar game more in 2010 proving to be more aggressive in attacking the beats he is out to prove he belongs in the elite lyricist class. He has had some fairly humorous punchlines and has had a more varied delivery in the recent months.

3. Drake- I like Drake as a rapper I just wish he would do more of it. I also would love for him to be with anyone other than Cash Money. The big disappointment was that his album was too mellow, and one-dimensional so I don't know if he can truly go and get em so to speak. Getting outshined by both Jay-z and Nicki on the album in the few chances he had to really go in didn't help.

2. Joell Ortiz- J.O. is very hungry and it shows. I'm really waiting on an album to come out to see if he can hold 2/3rds of it down with a variety of topics, flows, and lyrics. To date, he has shown he can do it, but some of the freestyles over this year were slightly repetitive. However, he is still nicer than 90% of the other rappers out there.

1. Jay-Z - The king of mainstream rap knows when to show up. His few features this year have been strong and he still has momentum from last year's album going. Hell he once again took the highlights from two of the more anticipated albums of the year dropping the best verses on both Drake and Ross' lp's. Don't sleep on the old dude, the wiley veteran saves his best for the playoffs.


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