So T.I. is going back to the bing again...

Big surprise considering his recent legal troubles right? Anyway this possible publicity stunt did nothing to reduce the time he received from the judge. It's funny because he has long been one of my favorite artists but when is enough enough? This sense of entitlement by artists and athletes is sickening me now.

The annoying part is he jacks Chris Breezy for this new "don't judge me" track. Listening to the end where he is talking it shows how out of touch he is with himself. "To all you who thought I was perfect I'm not". No shit fucktard. You just got out of jail like 4 months ago. We are all pretty sure you aren't perfect it's the third time you been sentenced since you became popular. Don't try to look at the fans and people who have gotten to the point they call you an idiot after you fuck up yet again. You don't have to be perfect but you can try to at least act like you reasonably intelligent and not do dumb shit right after you screw up. That isn't asking much Clifford.

All this talk of haters passing judgement, get over yourself homeboy. I can say whatever I wish of you at this point whether or not I make mistakes because dammit thats just how the world works. Opinions can be had regardless of what I do or mistakes I have made. People don't want you to tell them they're stupid so they can try to act like it never happened. It hurts their feelings to have to deal with the way they get looked at, oh well. It's called consequences and repercussions. Clifford let me say this to you and everyone else right now, deal with the shit, that's life no one is going to keep feeling sympathy for you when you're not going to grow up and behave like a man and accept that you're a fuck up. Don't try to turn it around and try to make me feel bad for being tired. You have had more chances than any normal person.


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