Runaway - the video

Now let me start by saying this young man right here, Phonte( I hope I'm spelling this right) hit it on the head in my opinion with what his opinion of the short film is. Now I talked to another person about this week and it did give me some insight from an artistic (more than myself) person's perspective but first:

So for those who have yet to see it:

Now let me say this, i am not a Kanye fan yet this shows the good things he is capable of but falls short of I guess you would say greatness by falling victim to Kanye's biggest problem his ego and the idea that because you physically can do something you think that means you have to.

Talking to my homeboy, he said as an artist why wouldn't I do it if I feel I have the means to do so and the expertise. (I'm paraphrasing here) There are several reasons, one, who tells you that you are an expert or that your vision is so 'great' in the first place? Second, which is my friend's biggest issue, how can you know when there is that fine line of overdoing it and knowing when to actually finish the project and move on. Artists have a tendency to want to continue tweaking when at some point there has to be an overall business decision to release said project. Third, being ingrained or accepted enough where you can release something with decent production value and have it accepted is not always the best thing.

Example, 808's and Heartbreaks. Kanye had an idea, and no one had the balls to tell him that it was a bad one. To this day, I am convinced that the public's follower tendencies played the biggest part in this album's success. The album sucked ass, Kanye should not be singing, and though it did have some good artistic points, its merits were outweighed by cliched concepts and freaking autotune galore. From the music in the short film, this album is setting itself to be much better the only thing that can derail it is Kanye's hubris.

The thing is, an artist needs someone to tell them when they have crossed the line of understanding. There are plenty of times when someone creates something that others will not be able to understand. That doesn't mean they shouldn't necessarily continue, but understand that not everyone shares their vision, and they cannot bitch and moan when that is indeed the result. As well, let me reiterate, just because you as an artist thinks that your vision is great, does not make it so. Sometimes its not that the people don't understand it, it can be that it sucks. Hopefully Puffy is reading because that Last Train To Paris-shakes my head and laughs- will probably go gold because people are ass kissers.


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