Album (EP?) Review - ASAP Rockie - Goldie

So ASAP Rockie is one of the hottest new artists on the scene right now and has been getting a buzz for well over a year. Coming on the heels of a successful year with a mix tape or two, he drops an EP that is built more like an album around the single 'Goldie'.

"Goldie" the title track has a solid beat with a heavy throwback Miami style bass line and a screwed hook. The song is the typical 'swag rap' (I hate that term but it best describes this) many of today's artists focus on where it's about getting money, copping fresh gear and women. Lloyd Banks features on "Make it Stack" but it's more of his song than Rocky's and he is kind of grating to listen to now since his voice is different and he doesn't have as good of lyrics as he used to. General, this is a get money and live lavish track. ASAP's verse over the beat works pretty well though. "Leaf" is the first song with an attempt at content as ASAP talks about what he's tired of to start the song however, it quickly gets tired and deteriorates into nothingness.

"Demon Child" featuring Cinos is an attempt to justify and explain the street life. Smoke DZA  starts things with the fast delivery on "4 Loko" which is an outdated reference at this time. The pre-chorus by Rocky is unoriginal as well. "CEO" has more energy than a lot of the previous songs and uses a Ludacris sample as the hook, though the second part of it should have probably been left off. However, it's too short comparatively. The "Purple Swag" remix is chopped and screwed so I can't get with it so Paul Wall, Bun B, and Killa Kyleon can get a pass on that one. Unfortunately Swizz is allowed to do slightly more than a hook on "Street Knock". Who keeps letting him near the mic? The track sounds like something Drag-on was supposed to get, but ASAP gets in on it and does it some justice. I also think "Big Spender" is a good joint, though it isn't about anything, Rocky shows some energy while talking about Purple Lean and the track is well put together with a sample from Theophilus London.

The track for "Palace" is dark and it makes you feel like you're in exactly that. On the track ASAP talks about his southern influences but thats the extent of the depth on the song though he switches it up with a couple of Bone-esque bars. "We Are God" is the yang of Demon Child's ying because it carries the same theme over but the verses seem to try to hard and still remain sounding like generic statements that are still somehow empty. I was also very disappointed by "Yao Ming" with Chris Brown and David Banner - Breezy should be banned from his arrogant raps and David Banner never lived up to his potential but has the best verse on this. The beat bangs though. The album features two 'freestyles' which might as well have not made this 'official' release and the EP ends with "Out of This World" where he speaks on his haters, critics, and detractors as he also discusses the comparisons to some of his contemporaries.

Last year Peso dropped and was one of the big hits of the year but I wasn't impressed. Yet off of that success, Rocky has been grinding away and doing shows all over. The hype I have to say, is not real. There is no substance there and his persona of being a Harlem cat with a Houston style doesn't really mean anything. He lacks charisma and the lyrics to make you think so he's not even as believable as someone like Rocko. I was very disappointed by this. (I know theres gonna be some angry comments on this)

Rating: 1.5/5


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