New Music from Mainstream (sort of) artists

So if you don't know by now, Mysonne is one of the few gangster rappers I can still stand to listen to. Now his full mixtapes get repetitive for me but he can give me some good music in short bursts. Now he is releasing some new West Coast inspired Pac music freestyles and 'I Get Around" was cool, but this "Ambitionz Az a Rider" freestyle verse is straight murder.

Mysonne has good lyrics, he knows how to flow and he can structure a verse around both a salient point and have a reasonable movement from beginning to end without taking too many left turns or detours. You know what the point is when he's rapping.

My second joint is "Lehhhggo" from Noreaga featuring Busta Rhymes and Waka Flaka Flame. Now I don't think Nore and Waka should ever 'rap' on a song again because that's the least amount of actual lyrics that will ever be in a rap song. I was also disappointed that Busta only handled the hook duties because this track is sick. Someone needs to kill it. Now, even if you going Nore (who looks a lot different now that he's started to live a healthier lifestyle) and Waka- not my thing- fellas, at least watch this video. turn the volume down if you must. You will enjoy it.  Nore does get his spit on at the end as it transitions into another song I guess but he does show off a bit there.

Now I almost forgot that the video from Nas dropped for "Daughters". This is one you're not going to hear on the radio though you should. It's a song with a message and a purpose that is positive and supportive at the same time.

Now I'm going to end this with something nice and ignorant because I have been bumping this Pusha T Exodus 23:1 so hard this week. Pusha is putting something real good together right now.


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