Album Review- Waka Flocka Flame- Triple F Life: Friends, Family, and Fans

So I'm not a fan of Waka Flocka, cause he can't rap and just exacerbates every thing wrong in hip-hop, talking about killing with no remorse, getting people amped up and not having any lyrics. He is all about getting people rowdy and there is a market for this type of noise. So I'm giving this a try because at least he can admit he isn't nice and sort of knows his place in the game.

The first real track is "Let them Guns Blam" which features Meek Mill and is going to set you up for the feel of this album. The beat will bang in every club and trap boy whip across the country while inciting people to act recklessly as they are encouraged to be rowdy and someone is going to get murked due to this song. Waka tells you to throw up your sets and lets you know what is going to happen in the hood. "Round of Applause" is the official stripper anthem and we've all heard he and Drake if you have been within the vicinity of one within the past year. The new single features Trey Songz and is called "I Don't Really Care" and is probably banging in clubs every weekend. Flaka keeps the song energized with is over dubs and ultra-easy to follow lyrics. The latest video is "Rooster in my Rari" which I'm thinking is about some chick in his whip but I wish someone would have told him that a rooster is a male chicken.

Flocka aims for the spring break crowd with "Get Low" with Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Flo Rida. The beat is painfully obvious with its synths and it's even mixed lower in the vocal department to tone down Waka's loudness. B.O.B. is a guest on "Fist Pump" which has a similar awkward feel as they try to expand Waka's appeal and it doesn't quite fit. "Candy Paint and Gold Teeth" features Bun B and Ludacris. Waka again is forced to try and restrain himself and it takes away his appeal. He gets back to his thing on "Cash" with Wooh da Kid but this is bad even for Waka. Everything crashes together especially after being so subdued on the songs just prior. Plies comes from out of nowhere on "Lurkin" and does his best thing and since he can rap better than Waka he shines on the song more than the original artist.

Arare solo song is "Clap" as Flocka talks about how he gets money and the hook is laughable but it's so bad people are gonna love it. On "Power of my Pen" Flocka talks about how he can make it with his rapping and his influence with his rap career. Travis Porter, the deceased Slim Dunkin, and D-bo all feature on "Flexin" where they talk about flexin or stunting and aim for the strip club crowd again. In a huge system this will do the job but it seems extra sparse. On the outro Flocka does his best to be introspective and it isn't bad for Waka but by this time the album is just tiring. So much energy is expended early this song feels like you're resigned to it.

I won't be a friend of Flocka and I don't think he is meant to be taken in large doses like in an album because it's so tiring listening to much of the song. You have to get your adrenaline up so high to get into this it's impossible to keep up throughout. Then there are the songs where they aim to extend the shelf life for Flocka and they sound more like they belong to the feature artists than him. It's forcing a square peg into a round hole and it takes away the little appeal he does have. When it comes down to it Waka is much like Plies someone who has to get it now because pretty soon there will be someone else with the energy that replaces him. But hey at least his album is better than Kid Cudi.

Rating : 2/5


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