Album Review- Big K.R.I.T.- Live From the Underground

I am behind slightly on the album reviews but I'm trying to really get into these joints when they do actually drop. Today's review is from Big Krit who has been getting a strong buzz over the past few years as a Southern artist who isn't just drug dealing and pimping, he's more of a newer David Banner. He has street smarts yet can be more than just another hood rapper.

The intro is more of a song reminiscent of an 8ball and MJG album where Krit talks over a southern style classic beat in a poetic manner. He uses the titles of his popular mixtapes as lines and it leads into the title track, "Live From the Underground" which has a soulful vibe as Krit does a straightforward rap that isn't much about anything but shows what his ability can be lyrically. "Cool 2 be Southern" is more of a cohesive song as he talks about how be southern is now popular and why it is that way. The single is the infectious "I Got This" which reminds me so much of an old joint from Memphis.

Ludacris is the guest artist on "What U Mean" where he brags to a chick out at the club and tries to figure out why she is out with him if she says she isn't nasty and going to let him hit. The song is okay, Luda's verse is better but nothing new there. "My Sub Pt 2:The Jacking" is about Krit getting some dudes chick who then turns around and sets him up in the end as he sits outside her place. The beat is full of bass and after the jacking there is an interlude of sorts. Anthony Hamilton handles the hook on "Porchlight" where Krit is telling his lady to leave the light on while he's out doing what he has to do. "Pull Up" is that classic southern style rap as Krit and feature artists Big Sant and Bun B talk about the reaction when they pull up is. Devin the Dude is the guest on "Hydroplaning" as they rap about tipping - drinking that lean and getting high.

The album also features "Money on the Floor" with 8ball and MJG and 2Chainz. This is some classic Memphis shit right here, and while it isn't heavy on content if this is your style you have nothing to complain about with this one. Melanie Fiona is yet another guest on "If I Fall" which is a solid little song about KRIT explaining his issues and the hook is the question of will you be there to help me. "Praying Man" features the actual BB King, in person not through a sample. It's another solid song. I especially like "Rich Dad Poor Dad" where Krit talks about lessons his father taught him even though he may have not been wealthy in money. Only problem is this song is way too short. "Yeah Dats Me" I could do without as a general song but it does provide some more upbeat balance to the album. "Don't Let Me Down" is another of the more introspective songs on the album. (please be aware the following video is NSFW)

Krit is alright to me but I have a problem feeling he is as good as a lot of people put him out there to be. He has the feeling down pat on this album and it sounds more like a Tennessee album than a Mississippi album with the sort of dark feel to it. However I feel like some of his verses could reach a little deeper to be more detailed and really draw you in and take advantage of that feeling the beats give you. The one song I feel really does that is Rich Dad Poor Dad and I'm left wanting more. Overall its a good album you can just cruise and listen to and hear a little more than how to start trapping and bang chicks.

Rating: 3/5


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