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So I am going through my e-mails and trying to pick out the good from the bad and what is really astounding from what is just average. In today, average doesn't cut it and some of you who submit have some ability but you don't have the personality that comes across on the track. For those people, I hope you're not banking on rap, even if you're doing the normal average trendy 'get money swagger' rap that is popular right now.

Matth Damon is one of the better artists I have heard in this period. He has a solid flow, it's sort of a throwback and the track I was sent "Golden Gloves" and while it's just a set of bars, at least he isn't talking about banging my girl and shooting me while selling coke. I only hope that he has some different sounds and isn't just going with this 'throwback sample sound" too many underground artists demand on sticking with. You have to switch it up or else you will put folks to sleep.

Another artist I decided to check out who also happens to be from Maryland is a DC product who goes by the name of Bradley Russell. My favorite song from him so far is "They Call it murder" which you can check here . Brad talks about the problem with so many of today's artists over an energetic track. This song stands out from some of his others because it isn't as laid back as some of his other recordings. He also exhibits a strong flow and control of the song itself. Now don't be alarmed when i tell you that Brad is mostly a clean rapper. he doesn't use a lot of foul language but it isn't corny and using obvious phrases in place of the expletives but he writes in a way that you won't realize it until well after you have started nodding your head.

While you're checking out Mr. Russell who is one of the top rated artists on the independent site, Ourstage, be sure to vote for him in the Coors Lite Search for the Coldest Competition.

Lastly for this edition, we have Seattle artist Raz and his new song "10 Feet Tall". This song has a good drum track and a mellow melody supporting it as he talks about life and the some of the crazy things going through the minds of young men. The first two bars draw you in immediately and then he continues to bring you into his mind with his lyrics throughout the song. While his flow isn't the most orthodox it isn't so awkward as to make you confused. It works well with the beat itself.

I also checked out "They'll Speak" where Raz uses his voice mostly to develop the rhythm through the early part of the song. Now it can be difficult to follow but what is easily caught are the more poignant parts. He then slows it down and lets out his frustrations and settles any questions that I would have had about his 'authenticity' with some strong lyrics. He reminds me of a younger hunger Saigon in a way because he may be street based but not promoting that activity himself. Please check out these artists tell me and more importantly them what you think about them and what they're doing right now.


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