Wayne creates excuses for Nicki

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So If you watch the above clip you will see Lil' Wayne give his reasoning behind why he pulled Nicki Minaj from Hot 97's summer jam. Now he could have some business reason thats not utter pansy assness but he doesn't but at least he was able to calmly speak on the situation. However, with that said, his reason is bullshit for a couple of reasons.

Number one, Nicki Minaj is an artist. An artist puts their work out for the public consumption and as such there is going to be commentary on it at some point. Not all of that comment is going to be what the artist likes or wants to hear because others are allowed an opinion of said works. For Nicki to say she was disrespected so much and call Wayne who decides if she feels some sort of way she doesn't have to perform. This sets a bad precedent whereas if at any point she is not accepting of the opinion that another has of her work, she no longer has to face the music about it. This type of thing leads to the hip-hop climate we are in now where members of the media feel beholden to artists and no longer question or push them and they feel free to 'yolo' with no consequence.

The second thing is how dare this dude right here talk about he feels like you should have the utmost respect for women and never disrespect them. Have you heard his lyrics? When does he ever respect or hold women in the highest regard? His actions need to be the same as his words. I don't care if he pulls out shairs on dates if he promotes the images he doesn't care about women and is on a mission to "fuck every girl in the world". See my memory isn't that short and I hear him in every song talking about someone's girlfriend giving him head and swallowing. Or leaving after he has banged them in a bathroom stall or something. How often does he just talk about having sex and not having any depth to his male female relationships. But it's ok because he disrespects them in songs and in a sexual nature and not a professional one.


  1. Unfortunately, Hip Hop has bred a climate where artists can, in regards to women, quickly defend themselves by saying their work (and what they utter) is separate than their actual ideals. Of course, this is bull, but it's the nature of the beast.

  2. I agree with what you've said about lil Wayne. At this point I believe he conscientiously say these stupid things just to get attention. So I don't pay him much attention. But him pulling Nicki Minaj off the Summer Jam stage was him responding to a local radio personality disrespecting his artist that was about to hit the stage a few minutes after. How does anyone disrespect one of the main headliners is beyond me. Of course nicki could've brushed it off and hit the stage anyway but what Peter Rosenberg did was unacceptable. BTW did you hear the interview where Nicki sonned Funk Master Flex. That was hilarious.

  3. I heard but Flex is an ass anyway. What he said wasn't disrespectful though because if thats how she felt, she won't be performing anywhere unless people are just kissing her ass. Especially being as though it was more of a compliment for Kendrick Lamarr.


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