Tupac Back, Tupac Back

You may say I'm late on this entire Pac at Coachella thing since that was oh solong ago, but in a way I'm not. Let me explain and lets see if you can follow through on my thinking. See probably last year or the year before some time, I reminisced on the fact there aren't many great performers anymore. I mean Busta used to be the shit when he had his hair, was ten years younger and 40 pounds lighter and could bounce around on stage. Kanye still does great things on stage but thats because he's such an asshole which is cool since it will justify paying 150 bucks for a ticket if everything is all white and covered in eagle feathers. Outkast I still would pay to see and probably Common at this point but the list pretty much stops there.

The thing I took from this is that pac is such a compelling person and talent that a hologram of him would create such an uproar it would embed itself into the hip-hop consciousness and have people buzzing about an actual tour featuring said hologram. I know it's not like its a reality or even a strong rumor at this point but you have to think and wonder how long it is before he (and Michael Jackson) are brought back to the masses using modern technology. Now we all know that people my age would love to get to relive the moments with Tupac but would the younger generation be receptive? I think it would and here is why..

There is no one who is anywhere near as compelling interesting or with as good of a stage presence as Pac had back in the day. While he wasn't a dancer or more than a guy who jumped around on stage and had massive videos he was still better than 90% of what you get today. Drake should be taking the Kanye route because his music isn't personal enough for it to work with him just standing on a stage looking fresh out of the marshall's ad. Wayne hops around and has the hair but all the performance footage I've seen is just a bunch of everything going on and no direction. Not only did Pac make better music after he died than most people but he's a better performer? That's just crazy.

Writing this makes me lament the days of the big tours. I don't think anyone will ever put up that huge spectacle again except for Ye and maybe Nicki Minaj. Most artists don't have enough compelling music to create an elaborate stage show, nor do they care. They only look at live performances at ways to get money no matter what they say publicly. Just look at how they behave at award shows. After Pink or Usher performs you know you're going to go see them because they have given you a great sample of what they do. Wayne and Ross, not so much. Guys standing around, posing and reciting with nothing special in the performance is not the way to go. Even worse, dudes who won't edit themselves live or who have the entire song playing and being totally louder than their mics are. I can't get with that even if XXL wants to say that Wayne is the best performer in a live show.

I never got to see the Up and Smoke tour or the Hard Knock Life tour and I don't think I'll ever get something like that. All of the artists I grew up on are either still trying to hang on and perform new stuff and not just do a respectable performance of the classics. Could be a good idea and I'd love to see it cause the new artists don't do it for me.


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