So the hype for this weekend will be without a doubt the new buzz created by Jay-z's new track D.O.A., or death of autotune. I'll admit this is not a bad joint, it's Jay doing some his better work in the past two years. So after listening to the joint about 10 times in a row, I can say, it's pretty good but not great.

Here is why, Jay isn't saying anything that hundreds of unsigned rappers, plenty of independent rappers, and fans have been saying for a while now. I mean shit, just go back to January or December here on this blog with my critical beatdown of Ron Browz. Did he sell any albums at all?

However since "Hov" says it now, this is fire. It's funny to see all of these followers who were just listening to Ross and T-Pain songs, T-Wayne songs, and to see if they actually listen to the song and stop buying the bullshit. I mean Jay does it his own way "Your jeans too tight/ your voice too light" yet then he says that "Ye tld me to kill y'all too keep it one hunnid"....pause.

Talking about tight pants, colorful shirts and feminine ways and Kanye co-signed you. Who he think you were talking about?

The last verse however I wonder if he was taking jabs at Wayne and Jeezy by saying he might need them on the track from mixtapes and etc. Is he saying their albums not hot? Or is he trying to make sure they don't take offense and give them a shout-out. I need some clarity on this Jay.

Okay now time for the real soapbox moment, who heard "Who, pt.1-3" by Joe Budden. (this is why I hate being a fan of an artist and hip-hop in general). Dude killed the topic or aspect of today's music, and I'm talking about this for hip-hop fans or those who call themselves that. I saw a lot of people saying you weren't a fan of hip-hop unless you were hearing or listening to this song and thats just not true. Real hip-hop fans don't need the catchy hooks or name identity to understnad whats going on. Who read Mos Def's interview in XXL this month? He talks about real hip-hop shit. So before you start talking about how groundbreaking the Jay-Z song is, go back and listen to what others have been saying. I mean he did kill them with "I'm a multi-millionaire/ How am I the hardest nigga here" line, but the idea isn't new and I am sort of pissed off that people are treating this as if Jay noticed something that no one else did.

Jay is the best rapper of all time to me I've been a fan, but I gotta keep it real, this song didn't make me shit my draws, sorry. What do you really think about the song?

Here are fan videos for the Joe Budden song, all 3 parts are separate check it and listen to the lyrics and pay attention. I'll get some Mos Def shit later.


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