Father's Day Songs

If there is one thing you can get from rap music today is that there are no fathers in the hood...At least thats what these rappers will have you believe. Now I'm not saying everyone has a father, or even a father that is actually a good one. The hood has a lot of people strung out, sipping that liquid crack, and who have mental issues they aren't even trying to get solved. However, some of these dudes have to have daddies.

In elementary school, I was rare because I actually lived with my father and at leats half the dudes in my class couldn't say it. At my age of 27 now, of all of my friends I can say only one basically grew up without their father at all and two could be considered sporadic until their son's early teenage years. There is no way these dudes all don't have fathers and I'm sure some of them have some damn decent ones at least.

Look, T-pain's dad was his manager so I'm sure he could come up with something positive. As many people had mothers on crack yet they still manage to find positive things to say, but not one guy can man up and say something good about his pops? Shit, these guys don't even make songs for their sons, daughter, oh they get the titles "my inspiratio; my love; God's greatest gift" but these guys have sons too! What gives, imagine your pops not ever saying anything about you yet everyone in the world knows about your little sister-it's crazy.

At least on that song, Jay and Beans let everyone know how they felt about their fathers good or bad. That's where this next segment goes. We all know not having your father around harms you, and as men, you ought to be able to describe how that affected you as a youth growing up. That is what hip-hop should be, an outlet to let everyone know that they aren't alone. No matter what it did to you, express it, let the world know you really want to know your father and it hurts your feelings that you don't or didn't. Look, real men can step up and keep it real, not act like it doesn't matter when everyone knows that it does. Kill the macho bullshit already and let kids out there know they not alone, and let deadbeat ass fathers out there know that you don't agree with it because you know how it hurt you.

And to leave off, I want you to check out some fellas from D.C., a couple of which I've known from my time in College, some real positive dudes I hope to have more on later,Substantial featuring Gods'illa and Kokayi "I'm Here" for your father's day celebrations.


  1. Wow you made some good points here. This has inspired me to do a special Fathers Day Post!

    p.s. you made some chump change off of me today!

  2. lol good looking Kitty. Man Father's need some more love. Some of us work real hard, well all fathers do, those other dudes are just donors.


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