The Most Stolen cd in your collection

Now everyone who is anyone and has a halfway decent cd collection has one or two cd's they are constantly stolen by friends or even enemies. This was suggested to me as a topic by my man Pluck aka P. Lucky. Now I know for a fact in high school I had these cd's/tapes stolen from me on one occasion.

Especially All Eyez on Me, it seems that that cd isn't allowed to stay in my possession for more than two or three months at a time. Unlike most people I still have my original copy of Reasonable doubt. Not the all black one, but the first issue with the pistol on the street.

It's annoying as hell to have a classic cd and then get it snatched from someone and not know until you are looking for it to play. I also ended up breaking two of my favorite cd's, my original "War Report" from Capone-n-Noreaga and disc 1 of Wu Tang forever.

What are the cd's that soehow have disappeared from your collection at least once and you miss them?


  1. I hate that! Someone stole my Fugees- The Score cd! One of the best cds during that time. I also love the Don't Be a Menace was AWESOME!

  2. I had The score on tape at first lol.

  3. I had someone steal one of my cd cases when I was dj'ing once a few years ago. It had Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Iron Man, College Dropout, Bad Boy R&B Greatest Hits, the Blueprint, Ready To Die and some others.

    I swear whoever did it had a plan - there were these big-boned females (call them bbw's if you like) who were grinding up against the table where I was spinning, and that's around when it disappeared. At least I can say the thieves had good taste in music.

    I used to have those two albums you mentioned in this post, but lost them on my own over time. Nice blog; keep it up.

  4. no one stole my shit, but I damn near cried when I broke Immortal Technique's last cd

  5. lol I broke my first copy of the War Report which was the one with the best version of closer on it.

  6. I have fun in life stealing any SOAD's album "steal this album!" cd's I encounter on my path. Almost 19 years old and I have 5 this far. First one bought it, then two stolen from houses and two others from a store.


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