No Drake no....

Now I'm still undecided on whether or not I like Drake, dude is obviously talented as an artist of some sort. The question is where is he going to end up with his image, an average hip-hop/ r and b hybrid artist or a crossover mega-star. I think he has the potential to be seen more than wayne and take that step to be a mega-icon, however, not while you doing stuff like this:

You see he is looking like he is trying to be more "thuggish" especially listening to him talk so properly. This interview on a "hood" style dvd is not a good look for Drake if he is going to end up on that star route.

Let me explain, you see Drake cannot pull off the "gangster", "street", or "thug" image in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Listening to this he is trying to use words that are slang and they come off as forced when you can tell he has the intelligence. Listen to how he says "nigger" so properly lmao.

Anyway, Drake needs to keep things professional and move towards being that way. The way these videos tend to end up is on the street with street dudes responding to it. The image needs to be carefully crafted and portrayed so that people see the good and not arrogant artist that it can be seen as.

Look, here is what I see when I see these hood videos, and I don't want to think of Drake as this:

Drake please don't be Max B


  1. hahaha he has fabolous syndrome, shirt way too big for him. Dude actually said "nigger", and paused before he said it like he had to force it out.


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