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I was listening to Hot 99.5 from DC. Yeah I know it's a pop station but the kids were in the car. But the Black Eyed Peas came with Boom Boom Pow. The beat for this song is Jammin' I have to admit, but what the hell are they talking about? I mean lyrics like "I'm so three thousand and eight/ you so two thousand and late" say absolutely nothing.

Now I'm wondering why even waste the time putting lyrics to this? Why not just bang the beat in a club or something? We don't like the lyrics per se but the beat is what draws people in. Why put lyrics on a song that has no meaning?

The same thing goes for people like Gucci Mane or Lil Jon. Why are you making noises on the track? Just put the beat out there. People swear Gucci spits the truth, but he isn't saying much of anything.

Why is it so bad to admit that you only like the beat and that someone who records verses on the track really doesn't matter?


  1. best part of the song:
    beat so big I'm stepping on leprachauns

    these fools deserver pulitzer prizes. This song is clearly about a banging techno-ish beat and catchy sing-along-able lyric/chants. But the song would get boring without some kind of lyrics. They have to be there, they just can't take away from the all-important beat

    Btw, if your beat is big, shouldn't you be stepping on cars or buildings. Stepping on leprechauns is no great feat, they're just rich Irish midgets anyway aren't they?

  2. lol. i hate this song just for fergie's part about being two thousand and late...omg that is terrible.

  3. Thanks for the video its really good...yeah lets talk about lyrics..cool blog.


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