Gotta Get Ya Groove on!

Now normally I guess I seem like the average Southern Music basher or something close to that, but there is one thing I am extremely proud of dudes from the South of doing. Bringing back grown men dancing. Now yeah I know you're about to say hold up, didn't you call the G-spot boys clowns for doing the "Stanky Legg"? Yes, i did. You know why, look at this shit.

That's not dancing. This is dancing:

Kid n' Play weren't the most gangster of dudes but you could respect them even while they got busy on the dance floor. They were rappers yet balanced that with having fun. To figure out when dancing became so uncool we have to check out some history with it. Let's see, Big Daddy Kane danced, and still does:

We all know Hammer was a dancing ass fool!

(As a side note, Play's pants from the House Party video were slightly Hammerized cause they were real odd fitting yet not parachutes)

Overall I think Gangsta rap killed dancing because gangsters don't dance. These guys brought a new kind of cool into existence and everyone followed and went along with it. Unless of course you did it the way true gangstas do it, and this ain;t for everyone people:

Im not a dancer, because I don't have rhythm, but there are a lot of people who do have it and who sort of miss out on the fun that dancing in the club or at a party can bring because they are trying to preserve their cool. It's nothing to see four people dancing with an entire crowd of people around them just watching because they are scared of reactions they might get from people. But hey I mean it's cool, you can be a thug and dance too, just don't do the Superman. Feel free however to:


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