I will admit, Crime Mob was a guilty pleasure of mine. I especially liked "Rock Yo Hips". But their sound was catchy when they first appeared about 4(?) years go. Now when the chick Diamond left the group I figured she might do alright, she was the prettier one and no one was worried about skills. However, a different Atlanta was on top and now she is back with a totally new sound.

Okay, not really, this broad right here is female Gucci right now with this one, and for me it's worse than a good look. I don't like Gucci as a rapper, hate OJ da Juiceman, and while Diamond actually does rap better than both of them put together, the sound is already annoying, boring, and passe. Zaythoven is the lamest producer since Lil jon right now with a lot less talent listening to the stuff he has put out. It all is the exact same thing.

That song is horrible, the hook is lame and the entire idea is unimaginative stupid "music". There is no intrinsic value from this and why would I play this in a club when you just mix one of Gucci's songs out now with another joint. This type of song is completely pointless and shows this generation is full of a bunch of people who will do anything just because. They hope they can make a dollar off of it, but they aren't even going to put forth the effort to do that because it actually takes work to create a song and a marketing idea and concept behind a song or album. By the looks of this they truly are looking for the easiest and laziest way to record something and just throw it out, hoping that it makes movie.

Just listen to this bull:

This next video- I am disappointed in Big Boi because he has too much cachet for this.


  1. shorty is definitely bad, bad meaning bad(music) and bad meaning good(looks). I appreciated her saying coca-cola 5 times in 4 bars tho. That's some lyricism for that ass

    Gucci goin' have to start paying you for hate-advertising soon lol. What's up with Santana and little ass shirts in this video? Big Boi on that song doesn't surprise me tho. Since him and Dre broke up Big been on some average shit. Not average hip-hop per se, but much more average than what we're used to with Outkast

  2. lol the bad part is I think Gucci isn't bad because he's having fun but when he encourages others to be copycats, thats what is bad.

  3. he infects others with his lazy rhymes


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