Now when Pharrell says it's out of hand...

You have got to admit things are out of hand. Just listen, we shall discuss afterward.

Pharrell was making a host of great points in this clip here. It's crazy that someone who has become famous as much for his image as his "talent" . The entire game has gotten so caught up in marketing that things are insane. However, I think the times have changed again and are cycling away from image and into more of actual benefit or action based. The generation I am in is starting to get to a point of grabbing some sort of power and influence and they see a lot of over marketing and obvious disrespect for people's intelligence as a whole. I'm not one who feels people are smart, but we all have an innate ability to feel when we are getting duped.

Talking to someone yesterday though, I realized that Pharrell is only making sense because he is being selfish. If he wasn't such an outlandish person this might actually be sincere, but the problem is that his out of the box personality is now just run of the mill because everyone is so extra. I'll speak more on this later but I wanted to put the revelation out there.

Politically the change has started, and the internet is sort of helping if you can take the time to dig beyond the people trying to make a quick buck. Finally though, people are starting to get it.


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