Album Review- Plies- Goon Affiliated

Plies is one of those love em or hate em guys and you probably can tell where I stand on the subject. Honestly, his success has surprised the hell out of me but in today's industry, charisma counts more than actual lyrical ability or song-writing. Plies has been able to get the interest of the female section of the population by flashing money and walking around with his shirt off.

So Plies album is like this- I'm going to yell, not rap, yell, about how much money I have, how tough I am, and how I can fuck you (to the women of course). The album starts with "Go Live" which could have been an uptempo anthem had the rest of the album not followed the exact same cadence type and energy level. "Rob Myself" is a song that could have had potential with an artist who actually can rap or put together concepts. It shows that Plies could make a decent A&R but why not just be the star yourself since the content doesn't matter.

He also mocks New Yorkers and white girls on the same song "Awesome" then takes it back to explain more of his Florida slang on "Bruh Bruh". "Get my Niggas Out" is another song that could have actually had a point to it if he actually explained the connection between himself and his niggas in jail, instead he just talks in non-descriptive terms."Flaw", "Whatever I say", and "All I know" are run of the mill songs about being a goon and having money.

Hell, "Becky" came out last year and is the unofficial head anthem. Trey Songz sings the hook on "Kitty Kitty", and Plies remakes "She Got It" with "Goonette" here in 2010. I refuse to listen to "Good Dick" (pause) and just typing it doesn't seem right. I mean aren't you counting in men buying this album too Plies? A questionable song for a 'goon' could be "Model" where Plies talks about the amount of money he spends on his clothing. The best song other than the single, "She got it Made" is "Look Like" and that's only because it features Young Jeezy and Fabolous even though Jeezy can't rap and Fabolous stoops to the level of his track co-stars.

I expect nothing from Plies and was slightly surprised by the fact a couple of his songs titles and ideas could have turned out decent if anyone had taken any time to actually think about them and add some depth to them. In the end I'm still left wondering why people want to listen to this guy but its one of those things I don't think I'll ever get. I prefer Trick Daddy any day.

Rating: 1/5


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