The problem with Dissing Nicki

So in the highly competitive world of female hip-hop there is a new battle emerging as one female looks to actually be able to get a push and have a chance to be successful. Hell, the last one had to be Trina and hers has been fleeting at best. Remy Ma and Jacki-O had quick but promising careers cut short quick due to criminal activity and label bullshit.

So the biggest and most buzzed about female and the one who has the best chance at success is Nicki Minaj, and if you're familiar with the blog you understand what I like or liked about her when she first came out and what bothers me about her now. That being said, she is the biggest target, especially for other females who are out right now because she has the spotlight. As hip-hop goes, I cannot be mad about that, competition should be good for the game.

There is a problem however, if you're going to throw disses at someone you need to have a real reason and some actual tension if you're going to make people pay attention. Jay and Nas were battling to be the king, 50 Cent and Ja Rule had an issue in the 'streets'; Canibus and LL had a business deal gone sour (in saltiness over the featuring slot); T.I. had beef with Ludacris and Lil' Flip and the list goes on and on. These all have some serious 'meat' to them to keep the audience captivated.

So I have heard Keys da problem who is from Baltimore (my home never heard of her before the diss) throwing shots at Nicki and some chick Barbie Killa 500 or whatever:

Whose main problem is that she's not saying anything slick. All of her punchlines are corny and simple with no flow to speak of. The only time she says something sort of slick is a line that says something about barbecuing (i took it as Barbie-cuing) but I don't think she even meant it that way.

Keys was much better but at the same time what is her point? Why is she so angry at Nicki? She's creating something of nothing. Even worse is that she talks about Nicki as not speaking on anything of substance but then Keys goes in and talks about the run of the mill hood topics such as loading glocks and selling dope all while jacking parts of Nicki's flow for an affect of mockery that doesn't work. Honestly, subtle disses in a song about something would have worked better and piqued the interest of people like myself who never heard of Keys until now.

The real problem in the end isn't going to be a lack of content but a lack of caring. Nicki Minaj's fans are most likely the same as Lil Wayne or Drake's fans and they aren't going to listen or question their icons for any reason. They are truly fanatics. Now, they aren't the first to behave like that, the aforementioned Jay and Nas and Ja and 50 beefs both had strict lines drawn down the middle of each camp with members of either artists fans unwilling to admit when their favorite had crossed a line or fucked up (for lack of a better term). To this day to find someone who will realistically criticize their favorite artist is rare because we don't want to give anyone else room to break down that wall we have built up around said artist.

For me, Joe Budden is probably that artist though I can admit he does need to shut up. I never knew that he was with Esther Baxter nor do I care and think its another bad move to expose it, so yes I can be critical when I need be. The Barbie fans are Nicki's fans not because of anything she says but because of her image. While Keys may be bringing more to the table in terms of actual content, the bottom line is in this era, content won't even get the door open for you, despite what Sprite wanted us to think in the late 90's, image truly is everything (at least to people who like to keep their brains shut off).

Do you think there is any benefit to dissing Nicki Minaj?


  1. Pointless beef is one of the most irritating things artists do to get attention. I guess it's working for this other girl b/c your talking about her and all ur readers will hear her name. but none the less it's generally stupid if its for no reason.

  2. It's sad that there are NO female rappers out doing anything relevant, then one comes out and they want to take shots. Nicki said it best in STILL I RISE: "If I win then all of yall getting meetings". If you want to diss and build your career off of that, pick a Ja Rule or a Fat Joe, not a person who's never released an album.


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