We got Beef?

So I'm pretty sure that the entire world of hip-hop has heard the back and forth between Lil Kim along with (lol) Ray-J and Drake and Nicki.

woah, you hear that? Drake actually does have some balls with hair on them I guess since he came out of his mouth with that. However, that shit is mad disrespectful to the game. Let me get the clip that started this:

Okay, so let's say that Ray-J and Lil Kim are out of line and just trying to create a buzz. That's fine, old heads do that from time to time as a challenge to the new jacks in the game. Honestly I have said it before Nicki jacked all of Lil Kim's style to get her start.

Now, for Drake however to say she is the baddest to ever do it before an actual album has dropped is lame. It seems like he has a crush on Nicki and is trying to get on her good side. I can't agree with the dude. I just can't and it points me again to this arrogance from a guy who has yet to accomplish anything. It's actually an entire thing with this generation, they don't pay homage or show anyone respect unless it's Jay-z or someone who has died in the game.

Secondly, this goes against the Young Money ignore everything and act like a punk philosophy as evidenced by Wayne repeatedly ducking every shot thrown at him (which is a reason that I can't fully respect him. You have to prove yourself against the best in the game and not keep looking the other way if you want to be taken seriously). This I like to see, the young dude getting aggressive but why waste it on Ray-J and Lil Kim? Neither of these two can really fuck with you however I do believe Ray way more than Drake after all he was hanging with Suge.


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