Why the BET awards don't matter

I know, I'm a hater, get over it. But honestly, the BET awards while a half decent spectacle, don't mean anything. The only time most people over 25 actually watch the channel is for this show so to think it might represent the actual feelings about black people is ridiculous. Beyond that, there are no real criteria for actually winning an award and by the end of August I can tell you who will win every award for next year just based off of the remaining year's release schedule.

(I'm sorry but her mannerisms are not cute)

For instance, as an example of how the awards have no weight or meaning, look at the Female rap artist award. There was no one who even has accomplished anything in their career ever to win an award. Now a days if you have a single that has a buzz you will get a nomination, hell you don't even need that because Lil Kim and Rasheeda managed to get nominated. Nicki Minaj won by default, they should have cut the category just because there weren't even three people deserving.

 Then how can Drake without having an album out, win hip-hop artist of the year? I could understand next year him winning it (but then again BET will want to give the award to either Wayne or TI as they will both be home, I already know this). He has a buzz, that's cool but hip-hop artist of the year GTFOH. This is what i mean about the awards not having any weight. It's like there is no committee which is truly measuring the depth and weight of the artists and songs in each given category.

The third reason they don't matter is that people randomly refuse to show up unless they are trying to regain some street or urban credibility. Just look at how many years Usher went between performing. Notice how often Jay-z and Beyonce don't show up at all because this isn't important to them. However, guess who shows up to the Grammy's and AMA's?

The final reason that the BET awards don't matter to me is because I continuously see how little regard half of the urban acts of today have for their live performances. They don't edit their verses and curse with reckless abandon, they haven't practiced and lack breath control or just plain show how terrible they actually sound while singing. As something to pass the time, I guess you could do worse than the BET awards but for me it's just an annoyance at times, but it isn't a true measure of greatness by any means.


  1. Yeah those awards don't matter it's all an excuse to get people to come so they can do the bet ratings in BET history as seen by letting B.o.B perform just so Em would perform. The categories are all bullshit, that Lady GaGa Beyonce shit was low budget trash compared to the on GaGa did with her a few months later. Lebron won best athlete??? c'mon. and i was telling my girl the only reason BET had a category for female artist was so Nicki Minaj could come on stage. As far as Drake i think he was the only one really deserving of an award.

  2. lol It was funny i think they have a one white person limit which is why Hayley Williams wasn't there to perform with B.O.B. . It's not cool to call Kobe the best athlete so of course he can't win and the only female athlete that everyone knows is Serena. lol they could have had her present several awards for real.

  3. I have to agree with you on the female rap category; that was a complete joke. I don't even know who Rasheeda is, I never thought of Ester Dean as a "rap artist," Lil' Kim hasn't even gotten any radio play with her latest singles, which of course leaves Nicki Minaj to win. Pitiful.

    That's the main reason I think BET Awards has a long way to go as far as credibility. No one can take them seriously because the show is less about the awards and more about the performances (and even those aren't all that great).


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