Jay-z ain't right

So the only two songs I listen to on Drake's album are the one with Nicki Minaj-for her verse, and "Light Up" for Jay-z's verse. Thelatter just exposes a trend that Jay has been doing for a while now successfully, having the hot artist do something minimal on his album then he goes on their album and shits all over their hood, skills, and credibility. Let's check the record here first victim, Lil Wayne:

(I always thought this song was wack anyway)

No one can deny that he murdered wayne on his own track something serious.Next up- Jeezy (where he actually shitted on Jeezy songs twice before Jeezy was allowed to drop a turd on a Jay album):

I was looking and Ross hasn't been on a Jay-Z album, but then Jay-z only let Sean Paul do a hook on BP2 and never returned the favor, but it's worth noting, Ross can't fuck with Hov either:

Latest victim, Drake who got to go over a Timbaland hook with his vocals, yet every time he works with Jay it's so "magical" :

and now "Light Up" off of Drake's freshman joint:

I see you Jay, still slaying these young'uns.


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