Puff Daddy and his new Bad Boy Family...

So we've been waiting for something hot from Puffy and Bad Boy for a couple of years now, well at least I have and so Puff apparently is ready to make some real moves once again with an all-new Bad Boy family. First of all let's look at the video as I run down the new crew.

You have Dirty Money - who point blank are just wack. None of these Dirty Money songs have been any good to me except for "Love Come Down" and guess what, it was the beat not the song. You have Aasim who has been hanging around for quite a while so that must mean he is the number one ghostwriter for Puffy. Cassie who has no talent whatsoever other than being light-skinned with half a head of hair. Then there is Red Cafe who doesn't impress me at all. Janelle Monae is also on the roster which was a surprise to me since I saw her video with Big Boi because she is a niche artist and Puff likes the big major splash. Finally, you have Rick Ross in some sort of hybrid management, please keep Puff relevant, deal.

This roster sucks ass. Look at the artists Puff had, Craig Mack, Biggie, Mase, The Lox, Black Rob, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, 112, (a fading) New Edition, Young Joc (hope he saved that Coffee shop money), Mark Curry, Black Rob, Mario Winans, Loon, Total, Shyne, Danity Kane, Day26, G. Dep (lol I can't help it.) plus artists that never came out like Kaine and Los but never has it been this bad.

I have doubts about Puff's ability to craft hits now. What was the last big song other than his that one of his groups had? When is the last time you saw a Bad Boy artist drop an album and you go I have to have that? I can tell you when:

Even his albums haven't sold though he has had smash singles. "Last Night" still gets ready rotation with me though not much else does. Thus explains his attachment to Rick Ross as he attempts to "siphon swagger" from the Southern rapper.

Look what does Puffy bring to this situation? Not much musically from what I hear so Ross has to gain business opportunities. I don't know if I want that to work out because too many people are sucking up to the imagery and not the reality so I don't think it portends well for our youth especially when Ross is running around with this dude:


  1. I'm going to have to agree. Diddy and his dirty money crew are not doing it for me... but then again i've never been a bad boy fan since biggie died. Great Blog!

  2. Yeah I was brainwashed to think that Diddy was a genius. he's a smart dude when it comes to business deals, but his ear isn't there. I'm not sure it ever was he just lucked up with Biggie and Mase

  3. LOL I was reading the new XXL and he was talking about he is starting a new management compnay of sorts where artists who wnat to be like him and establish a brand have the help they need. Maybe I'm old but I'm not buying any Rick Ross gear or energy drinks so I don't see the appeal.


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