Everybody knows I'ma Monster...

So one of the hottest new songs to drop recently is the mega-track Monster with Kanye, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj and a lil taste of Rick Ross. Now overall the song isn't bad, Ye's verse is alright, not as good as the one on "Run This Town" and I didn't think his was the best on that joint. Nicki has a monster verse-in length but the talk so far has been that hers was the best. I'll take a pause and take a deep breath before I delve into this one because as usual when forced to step up to the task, Jay murders this song.

The confusion comes from the fact that Nicki's verse is pretty solid with very little of her normal wackiness that makes no sense at all within the context of the song which normally fucks it up for me but the length has got people tripping. Let me put it point blank, the length of your verse does not make it the best. If you can put together a 16 like Jay did you don't need to give us 48 especially when your last 6 or so were just throw ins.

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Is that to say a long verse cannot be straight fire? Nah, check any of Canibus' old Clue freestyles or Joe Budden's song 10 minutes from his first album. Then you have Joell Ortiz on the D.O.A. beat.  Today it seems substance is worth less than style or quantity. For example, Lil Wayne is a nice rapper, I'll give it to him, however all of his verses are interchangeable, meaning none of them mean anything in a combination with a song. Jay-Z on the other hand can do a verse, keep it short, sweet, on topic and truly have the impact you desire.

What are your thoughts on a long verse or a short and sweet one?


  1. Are you saying that Nicki Minaj did not DESTROY that song? I don't think her verse was the best because it was long, I think it was the best because she showed more passion. You can hear the hunger when she's taking shots at people who call her fake, a rookie, etc... It's similar to Canibus when he was on that Fugees song. You have a rapper who's worth a couple 100 thousand on a track with rappers who are making millions, there should be a difference in passion.

    kanye and Jay-Z seem to be reaching the point where their feet are up, and because of being lazy and content they had to watch a young MC body them.

    Pink Friday-- nuff said haha

  2. I just went and read the lyrics for her verse and you have lost your mind if you think her verse was hotter. the whole thing doesn't make sense. Jay's verse was tight, concise, on-point and had a theme to it and that matters more to me than random hot bars and filler.


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