Puffy and Black Rob The Saga Continues...

So I was already to dig up in Puff's ass (pause) regarding all the bitchassness he's guilty of yet again, this time, supported by a video from Black Rob that surfaced on Thisis50.com and worldstar a lil bit ago. I still feel the same way but this is going to have to also talk about the obvious kiss-assness and bitchassness of BR cause I know someone just broke dude off with a check and now he switching his story up. Here's the first video:

If you have followed Puffy and hip-hop for more than 6 months I'm sure you know some of this and if you're my age you have definately heard the whole story. The part that bothers the shit out of me is how Puff can go and visit Lil Wayne when they have nothing to do with each other. Oh yeah it's the new fad to say "Free Weezy" even though there is reason to believe Wayne could have beat the damn charge and is a damn fool anyway.

The fact that Puff in fact never visited Black Rob, never visited Shyne and never sent dude notification in the legal manner as a letter says he knows he can dick these dudes around and will. He is after all, the paper gangster, and that's Puff. I don't have an issue with him being who he is, but don't try to sugar coat the shit.

Fast forward and you see this new video. Black Rob says that video was about a month and a half old and that was from an emotional place....This one isn't? Dog you just did 4 years in jail or something ridiculous, hadn't talked to  Puff when you reached out to him previously, you had plenty of time to come to a damn conclusion. That wasn't emotional, this new video is emotion. Puffy called you, threw some money and influence your way and now you feeling bad about it. It's sort of like a pimp and his hoe. He smacks the shit out of you and then buys you a news pair of pumps and you feel better about it.

Now we've all seen Puffy on making the band, picking out an assistant, making the band again and his excuse is that the people Puff told to get you didn't do it. Get the fuck outta here, we have all seen him fire people for lesser shit and these guys still work for Bad Boy? You know why? It didn't matter if they did it or not, he wasn't that pressed but he kicked some shit to Black Rob and Rob ate it up. Damn that boy is slick. Toast to you Puff!


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