My daddy is a rapper...

and now I want to rap too. Or make music in some way. See at this point in hip-hop there are quite a few artists who have kids old enough to be artists themselves and not just the bow-wow type of jr. artist although at one point I was afraid that was going to be the trend. Trust me, I was not looking forward to seeing Justin Combs with a baby s-curl dancing around next to lil' Biggie. Some of you may not remember the failed attempt by Benzino to have lil Ray become a rapper and be in a group with one of Pun's kids.

Being a rapper is hard enough. You have to show that you're a thug all the time and tell everyone about how you're still in the hood all day so imagine your kid coming out and trying to make songs with no street cred at all.
At least Percy had the common sense to make sure Romeo had acting and sent his ass to USC to learn something. Hel Rome is actually more gifted than most because he did have some athletic ability which he got from his father. Some of these other kids however, lead you to question what is actually going on. Look at poor JoJo Simmons who tried to use the show to be a stepping stone for his rap group but it never materialized. The girls got jobs making shoes and then younger brother Diggy comes out becomes a sensation and gets a record deal.

Now let's take a look at Ice Cube's son who goes by OMG:

Dog you're Cube's son, and he isn't that bad actually but is he going to have content or more fake thuggery? Bun-B's son is rapping too and it sounds just the same as his old man so what is the point there? As kids of privilege there is a lot more for them to touch on. They have experienced some different lives than their parents, gone to better schools and been closer to Paris Hilton than oh say their parents and their friends. What about the failed career so far of Lil Eazy?

Honestly, I would love to see some of these guys come from a political point of view,and not just try to rehash the last third of their parent's careers. Fact of the matter is, no one is going to take you seriously if you don't take it seriously and carve out your own lane and position. Unless you're little and can create a smash pop hit like little Willow Smith whose father is indeed a hip-hop legend and icon but overlooked because of his lack of street cred and the appearance that he is a softie because his career wasn't about holding down the streets.

Do you think any children of rappers can ever have a successful career outside of their parent's shadow?


  1. an apple never does fall far from a tree...although they are trying to imitate their would be wise that they get their own identity...


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