What part of the Game is this?

OK more with Kat Stacks really quick. Well not so much about this broad but about how she is treated...kind of. Look I have no sympathy for this whore because she has such low self-esteem and self worth that she thinks having sex with all of these dudes and talking about it is cool and worth it to get some 'fame' or something. We'll see in 10 years when she's in rehab or on the streets trying to put this behind her.

My problem is in how guys like Soulja are seen after they get with her. After her recent airing out of soulja boy who should have known better, the Game took to going at her on twitter something serious. Fine defend your boy but when are you going to speak on him and his stupidity? Isn't the mantra trust no hoes, get money? Shouldn't we all look at him crazy for violating?

See I'm for women's empowerment, just not this bullshit Kat thinks she's doing. She is obviously mentally challenged and I blame her parents. But once you realize she is this kind of person why would you have her around you? Have we not learned from Pac? Stop bringing messed up people into your circle.

These are rules to the game-rules everyone learns and learns early, yet we give people a pass for breaking cardinal rules and just shrug our shoulders like it's all good. Honestly, this is why this dumb shit keeps going on. Now this dude also probably thinks it's ok for him to be doing cocaine and all of these drugs cause no artists are gonna be man enough to look them in the eye and tell him to stop it.

It's time to man up for the youth. Older artists who are supposed to be role models and leaders; Puff, Jay; Snoop, 50, Russell, Kevin Liles, need to start putting their arms around people and talking to them to get their minds right. Snoop - it's not cool to smoke with Soulja Boy he could be one of your own kids-you have to be the man and tell the kid stop before he flames out early.

Let me ask this question, do older artists have an obligation to be role models and mold the ones who follow them and stop them from making these mistakes or is it better to keep it real and let people ruin themselves?


  1. Kat stacks is like the chick who goes to the same club every saturday night and everyone's slept with her. The girls hate her cus she's a hoe, the guys want to pretend they didn't hit, and other guys hate on her because they haven't smashed yet. With that being said, i'd fuck kat stacks... i just wouldn't go back to that club again afterwards.

  2. Lmao it's not even about Kat anymore it's about everyone looking at soulja boy like he's not retarded for doing dumb shit and finding reasons to co-sign it. If you walked in on me with Kat and a bag of blow on the table you'd pull me to the side at some point and at least say "is everything ok?"

  3. I'd like to say they have an obligation, but older rappers really don't. How can you come to this young kid telling him to stop doing many of the things you still talk about in your lyrics & lifestyle.

  4. Good point but I would wager to say they do know but because of their money and fame they never actually have to show they are grown up and continue to do childish things to appeal to children. It's like when you grow up you always think i'll never treat my kids like that then you have some and you realize why your parents did everything they did. Rappers never get forced to that realization until they fall off then it's too late to lead in another direction.

  5. When I read this story. I could get over him having sex with a groupie...part of the lifestyle...even letting her tape him...more exposure tho I doubt he was thinking that.

    The only thing for me is the fact he may or my not be doing hard drugs. It's a little daunting not becuz he's doing it, but becuz we truly know how young he is. If I heard 50, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, etc...getting caught I wouldn't really leave me thinking. They are rappers. It's whatever.

    This time, it's knowing it's a kid and his guidance are those who already lead him in that direction.


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