When is enough enough?

Okay, so recently I made a post on the Free Your Favorite Rapper campaign, and no sooner does that hit the net then everyone's favorite southern ex-inmate T.I. get arrested yet again for something he could have easily avoided. Now I know, weed is part of the hip-hop culture but when you have had as many strikes as Clifford Harris, you might want to minimize all chances at getting arrested again (Gucci Mane please take note).

Now I don't want to act like a goody-two shoes but at some point enough is enough homie. I cannot keep supporting you when you keep making these bad decisions and what are you teaching your kids and all of those people who look up to you? You have got to do better and I'm tired of people complaining about the police trying to bring him down or the media fucking with his image. This is all on Tip. When you have that much to lose why would you risk it on such trivialities. Sometimes you have to grow the fuck up and stop doing juvenile shit because it is what is expected of you.

I let the gun case go by because it seemed as though he had actually learned something and i don't think his career will be at the height it once was because of it. This dude was doing Chevy commercials and crossing over. Now this burgeoning acting career could be put into jeopardy by just being reckless. That goes for you too Paris Hilton...


  1. Co-sign 100%. Anybody who would have been caught trying to obtain Class III weapons illegally would at least be doing a decade federal time, no questions asked...

  2. T.I is such a talented rap music artist and actor. T.I`s videos & songs are some of the hottest around. And his rap & hip hop music videos are constantly on MTV but him getting arrested again was plain stupid. Lets hope this talented young rap artist grows up and remembers that he is also a role model to millions of kids worldwide.


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