New Singles Review - 9/29

So this week's new singles start off with one from Bruno Mars featuring Damien Marley. This joint has me searching the house for a blank cd I'm feeling it so much. I love the feel of the song, the way their voices blend with the track and the song lyrics itself. This is just an all around good track and I'm liking what I hear from Bruno. I present to you "Liquor Store Blues"

Now onto a track that is bringing us more and more back to the 90's feel of spitting over serious beats and this is once again from Kanye and his G.O.O.D. music crew, "So Appalled". Pusha T a new signee to the label, Cyhi the Prince, the RZA (talk about throwback), Jay-z and Swizz beats all show up. Ironically it seems, that the things that Kanye does that are throwbacks are cool but it's not cool for the general rap population.

Brand new today another banger from Lloyd who I always considered the loser in the Murder Inc.- G-Unit battle because he never got the chance to blow although he had some decent songs. It seems he is strongly aligned with the Unit and has been putting out a string of solid singles. An album has to be forthcoming. This new song features 50 Cent and is called "Let's Get it In"


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