We gotta do better folks...

So looking at the latest videos on the death of hip-hop.com aka worldstar I've seen some disturbing trends. First let me address this 'hip-hop tranny' or so it's called for a reason. There is no reason to believe that the rappers are gay because they are in pictures with this transexual person.

You know this tranny as it may be, is just like any other broad to these artists who are at the club or afterparty. The question is definately going to be for the dj's, bouncers, and radio personalities who know this person well enough that they can end up getting VIP access to the stars. In many cases we all know that someone is doing something strange to get that access.

But the second thing is this broad again, Kat Stacks. Now you have Soulja Boy's artists john boy or something or other, (someone else wack and pointless) who is trying to expose this broad for sending him pictures of her vagina. Now lets just ponder this for a second. You have a chick who is a known whore and proud of it and you're trying to expose her for showing her 'goodies'. The funniest part is he says who would want to hit that?, ummm your boss dog. He just did it like 2 weeks ago so how could you try to play that card? Look my man we gotta do better than that if we're trying to throw shots.

The crazy thing is I've been working on this and lo and behold. what does stacks do but make a video on worldstar showing everyone her "baddies". smh some people will do anything for fame and some will never learn.


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