Album Review- Redman-Reggie

Redman is pretty much a hip-hop legend. He is one of the most famous rappers from New Jersey, and one of the biggest smokers in hip-hop. He's even one half of hip-hops version of a buddy comedy with his buddy Method Man. Consistent he has been, and if you're a fan of his style, you would not ever be displeased, though his albums have tended to be long winded and rambling in nature. Much like Ghostface, Redman is still of Defjam and can secure release dates without much in the way of a budget.

The album has a simple intro, which showcases the overall clean production in the cd, compared to the more funky beats that normally accompany Red. "That's Where I Be" featuring DJ Kool is more of the general Redman random rap, which ironically is more popular than ever thanks to artists like Lil Wayne. The album has plenty of features, including plenty of New Jersey area underground stalwarts like Saukrates, Ready Roc, and Runt Dawg on "Full Nelson" which has a nice drum kick but one of the most annoying auto tune hooks this side of Ron Browz. Saukrates is also on "Lemme Get 2" where Redman actually talks about his life as a celebrity, traveling and going out and not about smoking. Smoking isn't left out as evidenced by "Lite 1 Witcha Boi" with Method Man and Bun B, and the song actually doesn't suck. Kool Moe Dee is on "Rockin wit da Best" and Faith Evans is featured on "All I Do" which are both about Redman and his place in Hip-hop.

The single, if any, is "Defjammable" a typical Redman track both in feel, beat, and lack of subject matter. "Cheerz" features Melanie Rutherford and Ready Roc again talking about hip-hop. "Mic,Lights, Camera, Action" has a decent chorus but it isn't really about anything. "Tiger Style Crane" is the same typical Redman spit lyrics over beat and repeat. "When the Lights Go Off" is another boring track as is "Lift It Up" even though it has a generic but energetic Southern beat behind it.

Overall, Redman is his normal self. His album suffers from the lack of movement/progression, and is more some songs thrown together. This is the Redman style but it has grown old long ago. His similes lack freshness and the amount of features that are just like him leave a lack of flavor on the album.

Rating: 1.5/5


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