Album Review- Twista- The Perfect Storm

So Twista is a rap O.G. . He is one of the first national artists from the Midwest who was also known as the world's fastest rapper. He's a guy whose rapid fire style can be hard to get with on a consistent basis. He has however achieved a reasonable amount of success since performing "Slow Jams" with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West, but never achieved true mainstream success.

This new album continues Twista's tradition of using album titles that involve the theme of destruction. Tha first song is "Darkness" with Dawreck, in a song with a classic beat for Twista to rip and he does a good job using his normal topics of guns and drugs. "Up To Speed" has a similar beat and Twista continues flowing at a high speed about how ill he is. While he doesn't use many metaphors or similes he manages to keep the 'lyricism' to a decent level. Lil Play is the guest on "I Do" with one of the distorted voice samples that seems like it would be found on a Ludacris album. He also moves away from his trademark flow, trying to break the sound of the album up to keep things fresh.

One thing Twista always does is dedicate a couple of songs to the women and this album is no exception. "2012" with Tia London is the same type, but only the overall theme is based around the idea that tomorrow is the first day of 2012. The first single from the album is "Make a Movie" with Chris Brown and its pretty much about making a sex tape. "Call the Police" with Ray J is also of the same type but it talks about the love making as a public disturbance, banging the wall so hard it sounds like domestic violence. it works well and Twista shines in this type of song. "Sweating" featuring Scotty is the least unique of these songs though all are only different within the hooks mainly, but this is the one to skip.

Twist's more thugged up raps come as well. "Back to Basics" is back to basic raps about being 'gangster' and the iller killer than the next man. "Hands Up Lay Down" features Wacka Flacka and "Cocaine" with Yo Gotti are trite songs that just serve to appeal to the core street rapper set. Especially the latter where Yo Gotti once again delivers the same tired type of rap about selling Cocaine. "Three Minute Murder" just fails to deliver overall as Twista tries to drop his lyrics on the listeners head.

Overall, it's a decent album from Twista, solid but not spectacular. His singles are a bit too safe and he follows the same format for the album. The beats are all too much alike, though he does vary his flow so that your head doesn't explode trying to keep up, using his skills in a good way when its time to keep you listening. Too much just sounds the same in the end for this to be a really successful album.

Rating: 2/5


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