Some things have to stop...

So a few years back, Beyonce sort of created something when she said that she has a different identity when she was performing, the now well known Sasha Fierce. She wasn't the first person to bring up the alternate personality thing, In hip-hop you had my man Tracey Lee with the album Maney Facez, which if you check me enough you know I like because I have referenced it several times. I'm also pretty sure it has been brought up behind the scenes to some extent. It's fine I guess, but I think now, people are trying to take it too far. T.I. is exactly the same as his alter ego "Tip" from what I can see. Now you have Nicki:

She claims to have several, basically for every type of punchline I guess. Nicki is the run of the mill, but that persona (who I thought was supposed to be her) is broken down into Barbie- when she makes the little girl voice, and Roman- a gay guy who is her aggressive voice. Now I guess it could possibly work if any of them actually stood on their own but when they are all intertwined within the same verse on a song, it just is a lame excuse for why you're switching things up in the song. You don't need to have all of these personas, especially since what they do in effect is cancel out the "real" Nicki by taking all of the edges of her personality away. Look, just let the shit go and stop it with the personality thing because countless girls are getting into their club gear, catching an attitude and then claiming to be be in "Barbie" mode or some other retarded shit. It's cool for you as an artist but remember there are regular people copying this shit and think it's just okay to be asinine like this.


  1. by the way what is wrong with her mouth? She moves like she has those 50 Cent teeth up in there...


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