The Problem with Dissing Nicki pt. 2

Look I'm not the biggest Nicki Minaj fan because I think she is very talented but lazy like Vince Carter or the young Mike Vick. She has the skills to be great but since at this point no one is really pushing skills she reacts the same. However, the newest problem I see with dissing Nicki, is that none of these broads coming out have the credibility or ability to fuck with her on any level.

Point blank, a chick is going to have to hit the mixtape circuit hard, get some features and kill the, without throwing shots at Nicki. That means whoever she is, is going to have to be extra careful to avoid talking about Barbie dolls, colored hair, or making funny voices and faces. Now if another can establish herself, then she can go at Nicki in about 2012-13 if they make it that far. But right now, the random shots coming from everywhere now that aren't even addressing anything new about Nicki and are point blank weak don't help the game. Keys was first, so she gets the pass, and Kim is established though her beef is more with the fans. However, Khia? why the hell are you even still in existence? I don't even know if it's a diss or if she just threw some little shit in at the beginning to get attention.

Then just look at this garuguman/brontosaurus right here:

The one dude on her right most of the video never even looks at the camera. It's like he's thinking the whole time what a waste his life is becoming. Look, you want to diss Nicki, that's fine, but you better be good and have a damn point.


  1. This is a really interesting hip hop music news article about rap sensation Nicki Minaj. Rap star Nicki Minaj seems to have divided the entire rap crowd and seems to be quite a controversial figure who is quite happy to release pop songs as well as credible rap songs. Nicki Minaj`s hip hop music videos too are a mixture between pop music videos and more authentic rap & hip hop music videos so I can see why opinions are so divided about this talented female rap star. This is only her first album though and so I think we should give her a chance.

  2. This is a really really interesting hip hop article about rap sensation Nicki Minaj and her foes. lol

    yeah man, i was just thinking about "where does female rap go from here" before nicki chicks were spititng bullshit raps trying to sound hard or rapping about their ass or licking ass. After Nicki i truly think females will not only start writing their own raps but focus more on their flow.

    let's face it, with the exception of eve and shawna, females have the worst flow ever. Kim's weakness has always been her choppy delivery and don't get me started on Trina and those crime mob skanks. Nicki proves that you can rap at a fast pace or slow pace and still be clear in what you're saying. As far as lyrical content, i don't mind if girls hop on the barbie bus as long as they're practiced rapping.

    SIDENOTE: I downloaded Play Time Is Over (her fist mixtape from 07) that shit is wack, and after listening to it I appreciate her evolution to pink friday that much more. You should do a comparison on old nicki vs new nicki

  3. lol what about Foxy? I've heard several that have decent rap flows but the problem is like with most male rappers, creating cohesive songs.


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