Album Review- Sheek Louch- Donnie G Don Gorilla

So I'm backed up on reviews but I did get to listen to the latest solo effort by the third member of The Lox, my man Sheek Louch. Now most people are busy talking about how nice Jada is or how real Styles keeps it, but I've always preferred Sheek verses to either of them.

The album begins with the "Rhyme Animal" intro and Sheek's bars are sharper than they have been in the past. See he talks that goon street rap but it is more polished than his counterpart Styles and more realistic and original than Jada. "Get it Poppin" has a simple but good beat that brings you in with the bells it incorporates. Now subject matter, he's not breaking new ground, he's got money, runs shit, and holds it down etc, but this joint could get spin in a more moderate club. Now "Club Jam" with DJ Webstar also has a simple beat that has some decent drums and generic club rap but it doesn't fit the Sheek persona as much. "Party After 2" with Jeremih is the more 'mature' club song and though you can tell Sheek is trying for specific sounds instead of stumbling onto them naturally, it isn't a bad joint.

Caseley sings the hook on "Blood and Tears" which is the required street album song about making it and being a 'success' now. "Make Some Noise" is typical Sheek and features an average feature from Fabolous. "Out of the Ghetto" is the song about what it says, but Sheek lets a little thug emotion out you could say. The hook is handled by Kobe Honeycutt. Sheek takes it down south alongside Bun B with "Ol Skool" and "Nite Falls" is normal East coast rap, both of which just seem like filler. "Ready 4 War" is the same but the singing hook works and offers up a change of pace. Grimey classic hip hop with Jada, Styles and Bully is on "Dinner Guest" and the fact it is just what you'd expect is overlooked because Sheek has to have this on his album and the song is set up to keep you interested. The album ends with "Clip Up Reloaded" with Styles P and Jada for the streets. "Picture Phone Foreplay" with Kevin Cossum is the song most unexpected even though it isn't too big of a stretch for Sheek, the idea is a little more than I expect.

Now song wise, we all know Sheek has a small box within which he is going to work and he moves around that box with ease. I prefer listening to this than anything that Jada has put out recently. The songs with his Lox brothers are all strong and he manages to throw in some new sounds and tricks to keep the album from sounding like one long song too often. The beats definately hold Sheek down and while his lyrics are never going to wow you, they are more solid than you might think.

Rating: 2.5/5


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