Album Review- Big Sean- Finally Famous

Big Sean is one of the new breed of artists that I rarely hear, but he was listed on the XXL Freshmen 10 and is signed to Kanye Wests's GOOD Music so he has some big push behind him. He also was featured on the cypher portion of last years BET Hip-Hop awards although he didn't stand out to me.

The album starts with a simple intro and Sean gets in a decent 16 bars but nothing to get too excited about. "I do It" is the first song and it starts the album on a different note than I would expect with a midwest/southern bounce beat that knocks pretty well although his verses are ultra simple and not really coherent.  "Dance(A$$)" is a shot at getting strip club airplay and possibly an uncut video somewhere like worldstar. That's said it's simple and taking it for what it is I'll let it go. Now Sean tries to do something different with the mix on "So Much More" where he sounds far away with a classic soul sampled beat that allows him to be more of himself and the song that shows the most potential for why I might like him as an artist.

"What Goes Around" is a song talking down to people who were non-believers in Big Sean and he expresses how he feels validated now. The second best song I would say is "Don't tell me You Love Me" a relationship song where Sean is trying to leave from his relationship. He uses the Neptune sound on "Get It" a generic song about getting money and working on success. "My House" is a throwaway with a lame hook though the beat has potential.

The lead single features Chris Brown called "My Last" which is probably really the third or fourth best song. Lupe Fiasco is the guest artist on "Don't Wait For Me" and John Legend is on "Memories pt. 2" which sounds just like a Drake song. Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy are the guests on "High" which is about smoking of course. "Livin This Life" is about balling and living the successful rap life. "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay" is an extra southern song with Roscoe Dash and Kanye West where Sean and Ye put out bullshit southern rap verses, though Kanye's could have been alright if he were on the song with two charismatic artists, but he and sean together try too hard. The oddest song is "100 Keys" on the end with Pusha T and Rick Ross who both murder Sean who is totally out of place.

Look Bug Sean is the new Kanye West clone of an artist who has less skill and nothing to talk about much like Drake. The album is about how he throws money, yet when did he start doing this? before he was on? It is full of false angst and faux drama that doesn't come across as authentic at all. Between the Drake-alike flow and the 'I'm a rapper with swag I can say anything and its hot' lyrics, this album is a big letdown and I had no expectations. Big Sean really needs to put in some work on honing his craft, and song making ability and tone down on the arrogance if he wants to be as successful as he thinks that he is.

Rating: 2/5


  1. He is a great emerging artist who has already established his name. I wonder why so many hip hop artists have the name "Sean". I mean he's not the best rapper but there are far worse rappers out there.

  2. yes there are far worse but the biggest issue is that he doesn't have any originality when it comes to topics or his approach. this was a boring album to listen to.


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