Rock Solid...just that indeed

So on today's plethora of world star nonsense I was able to find something that I might consider a gem. This artist-Rock Solid, decided to put out a diss to Lupe Fiasco for his greasy talk about Barack Obama. A lot of disses are just stupid and lame hood beef but this one has a little bit more of a purpose. Now do me a favor-watch this, and do not be turned off by the 'skit' he does because there is something good here.

 I know you'll want to laugh but lyrically he is solid, maybe not the best but above average. The real treat is the actual song that comes at the end  of the video for the song "Crazy Life". I can tell you what, finding a song like that makes digging through a lot of the independent and amateur rappers worthwhile. Now I hit his youtube page and he has a lot of the same things where you see some talent there but he needs someone to help harness and bring it out to the fullest.

For instance, he is sometimes too predictable and simple with his rhyme schemes but he has a natural charisma. He is also a little too swole but I would rather listen to him than Red Cafe any day. Give him some top notch quality with production, mixing, and video promotion and you'll have something because I think he would naturally be a better artist just by going through that process.

Also videos like "Don't" where he goes off on a skit about Haters don't really add much. I see it got views on World Star but this isn't the promotion you really want especially because it is presented as being real but is so obviously staged. Point being, this is where some good video production values and equipment would really help if this is an idea that must be executed.

Look listen and tell me what you think, believe me I'm not 'dissing' but there are things that can be fixed or made better so that this guy can become the artists I'm sure he feels that he is already.


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