Damn...I can't knock the breakfast Club though...

Look I like Charlamagne the God and he's probably right about Lil Mama needing to really do some more because she gets arrogant and cocky. Her list of accolades is very short, however I do believe that because she isn't sexy and in the "in" crowd or what Young Money is doing she doesn't get promoted in any type of way. Her album was better than Nicki Minaj's because it was actually about something and an album that could be used to move people into a positive direction.

Unfortunately, what the God talked over was that the same bullshit always occurs with the music industry and what albums and songs get pushed on radio. They can keep telling her to say it in her music, but once she records it, whose job is it to get it to the masses. The Breakfast club isn't about to say they're not playing a Nicki Minaj song for a Lil Mama song because they don't have the power. The money is behind a certain type of act and if you're not in the cool club, you're left out to starve. I said this before when everyone was cracking jokes about her going on stage with Jay-z.

As far as his first question about people with attitudes who don't deserve them I have a list:

Amber Rose
Nicki Minaj
Kid Cudi
Big Sean
Ace Hood
DJ Khaled

You see, much like Mama, none of these people have a track record of quality. Khaled puts out the same thing time after time and thus is useless. Who else needs to earn their arrogance?


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