Keepin it Real Goes Wrong pt. 2

So new thing in hip-hop today is Wacka dumb ass Flocka Flame saying he is going to quit rap at the end of this year because the game is so fake. Let me be the first to say -Good bye and don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you!

Look I would love to ask Wacka one question, "What did you expect the game to be?". You're an entertainer, dog, what are you talking about. You rap about murder and selling drugs neither of which you are doing at the moment. It's like Hulk Hogan saying that wrestling isn't real. Nah, let me change that because Hogan is at least an icon, he's like Jay-z or Nas, Wacka Flacka is like fucking Kevin Nash saying that he is done with wrestling-guess what homie nobody gives two shits.

The funny part is this radio host is trying so hard to present to him some love but that's the exact thing he is talking about. People talking about fans, Wacka doesn't have no damn fans, he has people who like a couple of his joints. You want to know who has fans? Wayne has fans, Eminem, these guys are established and have people who will cop whatever they put out before they buy a sandwich with their last dime. Know who has fans? DMX still has some dude right now barking as he rides the bus by himself to his job and his ass ain't quitting. So here's to hoping this isn't some lame ass cry for attention like Lupe's 'threat to retire' was.


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