Watch The Throne...for what?

So by the time this post hits, "Otis" will have been banged and rocked until people are sick. I know the club is gonna have enjoyed this one over the weekend. Let me say this, on a second listen, I like it a little better as a single song, however,as a preview of an album I think about the trash that was "H.A.M." and how this song has no point. Until the last verse by Kanye when he starts doing silly shit again I can actually enjoy this and I think Jay does do fine when talking greasy on this joint as he is prone to doing.

I just don't want to keep hearing this, especially from Jay-z. I liked the Kingdom Come progression he was going on but lately Jay has gotten a bit lazy with his concepts. As probably one of only a few guys who can actually push the culture and get respect he should be moving things forward and regressing to completely talking about how much "swag" he has. I don't know, all I can say is that the Blueprint 3 and American Gangster were both subpar by Jay-z standards though if it were Jeezy or somebody it would be cool.

Just this, Watch the Throne is not something I'm checking for except for the fact that it is an actual album and not many have been released this year.


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