Consequence throwing shots

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So I got this from my newest associates over at ISocialite as I looked to see what new things are going on on a Saturday morning. So Consequence who is somewhat well-known as a behind the scenes guy who has put out some music of his own is apparently livid at Pusha T of the Clipse. Apparently, he thinks Pusha jacked him for a concept on his latest mix tape. At the end he also takes a shot at Kanye saying that he is next.

This could be something good even though I'm not a Consequence fan. He has been around for a long time so he is an industry veteran but these days to say someone bit a concept thats out on a mix tape is just reason for a shrug. maybe I've become used to so much 'music' being put out that I hear something like that and it doesn't really do anything for me. This is just bound to happen. Check the XXL where they have the rhyme borrower section every month, there is always something ridiculous that shouldn't even count in there because the song being 'borrowed' from is like three weeks old or something.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how Jay-z protects Kanye this time, because we all know Jay isn't going to let that cash cow get anything wrong with it.


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