Rappers and Rap groups have the worst names

I'm perusing the internets as usual looking at the latest music and new releases as well as finding some older things that I haven't had the pleasure of hearing and I realized one thing, rappers and the few rap groups that exist now, by and large have the worst and least creative names of anyone in music. For instance, the top artists of the last year were Rick Ross, who is named after a famed drug dealer and Lil Wayne, who is really Dwayne Carter. There is no creativity.

Now if we go to the realm of Rock, just look at what comes off of the head "System of a Down":

All of these groups have slick names that are creative, independent and have some artistic merit and meaning behind them. Meanwhile the best rap name I can find is Odd Future, who are wack. We also have Young Money, The Triple C's (aka Carol City Cartel), and ...ummm....There aren't even any hip-hop groups anymore. When did that happen? Hell there need to be more groups since most of these rappers can't hold down a song on their own anymore. Look at how many features they have on each and every album. Since Puff changed the Warlox to just lox, there hasn't been any really hot names. The best ones I can say are out right now are dead prez and Travis Porter, just because Travis Porter is more than one dude but it sounds like one. Look hip-hop needs to get more creative point blank. Any more 'Young's" and "Lil's" and I'm gonna throw up.

What are the best and worst rap names that you know?


  1. A Tribe Called Quest has to be the best name ever!

  2. young money has to be the worst hip hop group ever


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