Album Review- Ace Hood- Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I am one of Ace's biggest detractors. I have never liked him, never saw his purpose and have felt he hasn't ever defined himself as an artist yet DJ Khaled continues attempting to shove this guy down our throats. I even compared him to Young City-who by the way- decided to drop videos this week just as Ace Hood releases his album and gets ambushed by the Jay Z and Kanye watch the throne album. I might just have to take back some of my bad words about Ace after this though.

We all already know about the serious beat that was "Hustle Hard" and the remix which both make the album the latter with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. I even think the video wasn't that bad though conceptually it was extra simple, the good thing is that Ace is talking more on his level and not on that of a Rick Ross. The album starts off with the strong T-pain hooked "King of the Streets", the hook and song all together is actually hot. However, the beginning falls victim to bad album ordering and repetitiveness early, "Go N Get It" is Hustle Hard with less bass and "Errythang" with Yo Gotti is more of the same old thing. In fact it sounds like one continuous song which is never good.

"Body 2 Body" is the newest single and features Chris Brown in a formulaic rap/r and b collaboration. Kevin Cossum is on "Memory Lane" with Ace Hood as he reminisces on the people who were down before the fame came. "Letter to my Exes" is a more in depth and personal song to the women who did Ace wrong than I would expect and it has a variety of emotions expressed through out it. "Beautiful" is probably better than Body 2 Body with the way it sounds and it also features Kevin Cossum so you should expect to see a video for it. Ace does another good job on "Lord Knows" where he gives a better insight about the path he has taken to get to this point. "Bitter World" has Ace trying to show different perspectives about how the world is bitter and can do you wrong. "Spoke to My Momma" is more in the same vein about what 'hustling hard' is and where its going to get him.

Overall this is the album Ace Hood should have made two years ago, and though it does end up getting repetitive somewhat by the end of it, its better to be repetitive with something behind your words than to just talk the same old hustling tales with no reasoning behind them. Its obvious that while there was a point things were hard, at 24 and being in the game since 20 he hasn't had much time to really add and have those down periods extended. Not that I would have wanted him to, but it is nice to get some insight into  him as a person. There are two feels to the production and that is part of the issue as well as Ace delivery always being one where he yells at the top of his lungs. While the aggression can be good, controlling that and coming with a softer tone could really enhance a song. I must admit, I am impressed with this release more so than that of some others that have come out this week.

Rating: 3/5


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