Was Ol' Dirty Really better than Lil B?

So I post to my twitter that I'm listening to ODB's Nigga Please album and my resident asshole @8plus9 aka NC-17 creator of Black Girls Are Easy replies with "but he ain't as fire as Lil B". Now I know he just says random shit out of his mouth- or in this case- his keyboard, but i did have to get to thinking about it, especially while listening to this ridiculous yet classic album.

To be sure the Old Dirty Bastard made his share of absurd headlines, especially going onto mTV right after the release of his Return to the 36 Chambers album and take the camera with him to pick up some damn food stamps. He also admitted to being burned like 7 times and having a whole gang of kids. The ODB was literally so off his rocker you didn't know whether to applaud his realism or go hide his ass somewhere. You also wondered why out of the Wu was he one of the members at the forefront of their movement. The answer was easy, he had Charisma. now they call it "swagger" but that's just what it was.

I don't like Lil' B at all, I don't see where he has any musical talent-I'm probably just old-but he does have charisma. I think ODB had an innate ability to create above average music and his outlandish personality just added another dimension while I would say Lil B is more of a character and less of an actual artist from what I have heard.

I know- I'm not making a good argument with these Ol' Dirty videos, but unlike Lil B he grew up in a more unstable environment and was obviously an alcoholic and drug addict for his adult years. While he was known to do ridiculous things like rename himself "Big Baby Jesus" and "Osiris"- all at the worst times for those televising him I might add. I wish I could find that clip where he told Carson Daly to call him that-dude had the worst look of panic on his face ever.

I know part of this is age bias, but you're not going to tell me that Lil B is trying to do more than just shock as many people as possible by saying the things he says and his actions and manner of dress. Music for him, and some of the better new rappers that have come out, is secondary to style and fashion.


  1. lil b actually has alot of lyrical songs.

    search age of information, dor, bor, i am the hood, i am, i killed hiphop, unchain me, motivation, the growth


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