My Thoughts on Hip-hop shenanigans at the VMAs

Okay so in between the boring parts of True Blood I caught some of the VMA's and by now I am done with award shows. I feel like they're pompous and just so the same people can have their egos stroked rather than truly awarding ingenuity and pointing out things that the masses might have missed while they were busy in their respective shells.

First thing- anyone who really like this Tyler the Creator and Odd Future is a clown and sucks. I understand people want to be extreme and be controversial but generally it needs to have something behind it for it to make sense. These guys strike me as Lil B, attention starved kids who say outrageous things to get looked at but they aren't about any substance. I can't respect that. It's one thing to dislike Bruno Mars but the cursing and ridiculousness is what bothers me. Never mind the fact that the nominees for VMA's did nothing to make their actual video stand out or be original. In fact one of his co-nominees, Kreayshawn was involved in something we didn't see at first but got a glimpse of today courtesy of worldstar hiphop and its assortment of trash.

So apprently the Boss Rick Ross was really hurt by something Kreayshawn said about him last week. That's fine, he can catch an attitude but he figured he would approach her and her little entourage at the show. Not only is this MTV you idiot but it's fucking Kreayshawn. You lose goon points again and gonna make me go back to Officer Ricky for shit like this.

Chris Brown can dance his ass off but that's all he did and after a while shit got real boring to me. After all he did those exact same moves in the last three videos and the jumping back and forth was exciting the first time but like a Family Guy skit, went on way too long for my liking. It was also incredibly self-indulgent but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen.

Congratulations is in order to Jay-z for finally impregnating Beyonce. It's about damn time he got the receipt. I'm not a Beyonce hater or lover but I am a realist. Jay z is also my favorite rapper of all time but I do not approve of the relationship he has with Kanye. It made me sick to my guts that Kanye is hopping around patting him on the back instead of Dame Dash. You may not agree but that whole entire 'break up' had a lot of shady shit involved in it. Also that performance of "Otis" was fine but nothing extra special. I'm at the point in my life when just the idea that Jay-z decided to show up is not enough to make me scream "YOOOOOOOOOOOOO" at the top of my lungs and jump up and down pounding people on the back. Especially when he is promoting a half assed album wearing a child's medium hanes t-shirt and some damn buttahs.I'm pretty sure my grandmother has the shirt Kanye was wearing too.

Then we get to the bane of my existence when it comes to live and award show performances, Lil wayne's sorry ass. I understand he's popular and brings a lot of energy to the show but he is disrespectful every single time by seeming to use more and more foul language. I am old school in that I think if you're going to perform you need to be friendly to the viewing audience and do music that can be performed without missing half of it. I hate the fact they keep letting this guy not only perform, but close out shows. Then he has on zebra pants...smfh. But i guess it is my age showing. Every time I watch an award show I get disappointed overall, and especially the hip-hop artists because that's the genre i am most invested in.

one last thing-not a Knaye or Hype fan but All of the Lights finished second to Super Bass? wtf?


  1. The person who offended me the most Lil Wayne. I got alarmed when I saw him because I could've sworn that he stoled my leggings. I was completely baffled at Nicki Minaj's choice of wardrobe. Like really Nicki? She seems like a Lady Gaga clone. And I hated the fact that Chris Brown was lip singing. Oh and Tyler The Creator is a loser. Then again I must be a loser for even watching this crap =[

  2. I feel you. The whole wardrobe thing is getting out of hand. People trying too hard to set trends and be different and not bothering to be themselves. I can't get with it. These days you're in the minority if you believe zebra childs tights shouldn't be worn with red decks.

  3. I agree with every word you typed. Its like performers believe the censors aren't going to bleep them. I could not hear a word Wayne was saying at one point. I ain't a homophobe but the rap game went gay, and I don't like it. L8r H8rs. Airun


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