JoJo or Diggy which Simmons is heir to the throne

So a lot of people watched Run's House, I saw maybe 10 episodes over the series' run so I am familiar with the family. While much of the early attention was focused on Rev Run's daughters, more recently, Diggy has become the family's star, surpassing his older brother JoJo whom everyone knew wanted badly to be hair to the family legacy in hip-hop. Much of JoJo's problem comes from his struggles with an image of being raised with some privilege yet trying to be grounded and street as his uncle and father were.

Younger brother Diggy has a more natural rap flow and seems to be better with words and has the preferred look for stardom. Upon hearing Dig's early work, JoJo became sort of a joke because the younger Simmons is more talented. Not helping were JoJos equally wack homies, his weed arrest, and the fact that even Uncle Russell seemed not interested in helping the boy.

Videos like this don't help where JoJo talks about his money while driving a freaking Firebird T-top. If that's what you're pushing-be that person. Now he seems to be aiming to be a true underground artist and go with the grimy hood-rapper look.

Diggy has all of the money behind him. He is signed to Atlantic, doing tours with tween sensation "Mindless Behavior" and getting Verizon commercials. Getting all of the push due to JoJo mostly because of his looks. When it comes to verses, Diggy doesn't have very much content, not like it matters anymore and he is actually a little annoying.

As if his voice wasn't annoying enough he is singing in auto tune on the hook. Look, it's crazy the production values behind his projects to date as compared to JoJo and I wonder how intentional is that when neither one of them is that good of a rapper. Both have serious flaws in their game but it looks as though Diggy will have the more successful career, especially in the short term with all of the money behind him. Do you think either of these guys has a chance in hip hop?


  1. I agree that Diggy is definitely the heir to the throne. I know Jojo personally, and have to admit, he does suck when it comes to his rap game.

    I wouldn't say his homies from Team Blackout are "equally wack", they're actually pretty talented, and didn't get the chance to shine b/c of most of the focus being on Jojo. Zach (the tall one), actually has a great flow and plays the drums as well. He's working on a mixtape which will showcase his drum talent.

    Reggie has a few vids on youtube and his flow is good as well, though I think he tries too hard to be, well....hard.

  2. I will say this, the problem is coming up with relevant subject matter and being skillful. Being humorous could would telling stories but too many guys are driven by the industry and whatever current molds are already there. Diggy is destined to be over-marketed and over-hyped and being underwhelming as an actual artist. Hell JoJo will actually have subject matter in a few years just because of his struggles.


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