Watch the Throne- another opinion- by guest Archie

Now this is the text from an e-mail one of my homies sent out regarding the latest Jay-z and Kanye release and hopefully this will be the last time that I have to address this album for a while. Here it goes:

Ok, here it goes... Jay Z (he removed the Dash... LOL). Jay's idea of lyricism is beginning to expire. You can almost predict what he'll say and how he'll flow on a track. His content speaks of high-end districts and fashion. These are things that the average listener can't relate to. He continues to thank Marcy and the drug game for getting him to where he is but that's been 20 years ago and no longer applies to his level of success. My opinion... I'll just stick with Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint 1 and 3.

Kanye killed Jay on most of the songs. My guess is that he being the producer, knew how to create his music. I HATE the new Kanye sound. The songs are drwan out with chords and random sounds that become nerve wrecking.

It's a Kanye album featuring Jay Z. I give it 1 star or 1 mic (thanks to Otis...). It's boring. I was hoping for a Blueprint 1/ College Dropout collabo. It's more like Kanye's world and Jay is buying up all the land in it.

These two stars (can't call them rappers after this one) had the power to change hip-hop. That's my BITCH?? Really?!! Dude, you're 40+ and you're "bitch" is Beyonce. I think most of your listeners would not mind if you called her your lady. I'd give you a pass on that one!

I was hoping for music that I could play at a 30 and older swaree but I got an album with two old heads trying to keep up with the likes of Rick Ross and the Young Money gang (the new lead poison for black kids).

If this is luxury rap, I'll stick to the homeless hip hop.


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