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So I know a lot of independent guys send me their music and my e-mail is exploding right now with unread stuff. I do try to get through it all though it just takes time with work and the major label releases amongst other things. Here is a long overdue post though for you guys trying to make it and get to the level of the Big Sean's and Drakes. I know it isn't easy.

I am pretty sure I wrote about Young Nate before. He may not be the best lyricist that I have ever heard but he isn't bad and is a very polished artist. He has good charisma and a professional sound. I also think he can make good songs and this is probably the second one that I have heard that could make it into the rotation. Click Here to hear some of his music including "What We doin" which is a nice joint.

My second artist that I will present is Al Nyce whom I found about from the Who Got Next Campaign. A Brooklyn rapper he is also pretty polished and is more lyrical and conceptual from the music that I have heard so far. New single, "Alternate Reality" reminds me of the creativity that 50 Cent brought with "How to Rob" so many years ago. He also has a song called "Pontificate" with a video I grabbed on Youtube so check it out here:

Third for this edition is going to be Mr. Encore of Victory League Music.  This song which was the single from a mix tape is called "Vibe With It" and is a throwback mid-tempo hip-hop song that fits in with the end of summer/fall period. I like his rap voice and his flow is just slightly different than what you might consider the average. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Check each of these guys out and tell me what you think about their music and refer this to others f you think they'll like it.


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