Disappointment of the year 2011- As Is Hip Hop awards

Now this might be my favorite award to give out in a way because I consider this the one that is designed to keep people honest. Of course whenever you say something is a disappointment you're going to get some opinions because you're stepping on some people's toes.

5. T.I. - No Mercy

I have liked TI since his second album, why people from the South like the first I will never understand, but the time in jail and short turnaround before another stint while recording No Mercy showed. Apart from his blatant whining about how he's a human and people should treat him as such, the album lacked the fire, passion, and hits of his previous two.

4. Jay-z and Kanye West - Watch The Throne

How can it make the best and worst list at the same time? Easy, this is a weak year for albums and the standards for Kanye and Jay-z are so high they might be impossible to meet. There are bright moments but some real lows, while "Niggas in Paris" has a catchy beat, the topic and verses leave something to be desired, and the song with Beyonce outright sucks.

3. Lupe Fiasco - Lasers

Lupe is arrogant and he hasn't earned those Kanye rights. He can rap but can be too convoluted to do any good. He can make songs but this album sounds like there were a bunch of pop producers trying to expand his white fan base in the pop realm at the expense of what Lupe actually does best.

2. Big Sean - Finally Famous

(side note why is dressed like Johnny Gill?)

So when you have Kanye production and the hype coming out of the box you have got to perform. Sean fails miserably. His lyrics are trite, his "super flow" isn't super and not original at all, and his subject matter is all about 'haters' and those who doubted him. Trying to figure out how he even got a release date is beyond me.

1. Lil Wayne - The Carter IV

Even die hard Weezy F. Baby fans were scratching their heads after this one. For someone who sold so m,any albums, you never hear this album getting played at the stop light. Too much talk about absolutely nothing and a lame singing single doomed this album. Along with the retreaded sounds of Lex luger, Wayne helped TI prove that coming out of jail may equate sales, but not quality material.


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